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PVH Denmark - Christmas Help Party

On the 15th of December PVH Denmark held a Christmas party together with the Danish Christmas-Help. Christmas-Help is a non-profit organization that disseminates donations for families who cannot afford to celebrate Christmas themselves.

We contacted Christmas-Help organization and asked them to select some families, that we could invite to our PVH Christmas Charity party. Fifteen happy families were selected to participate and we could start planning the big evening.

We really wanted this evening to be the best evening for the kids and their families. To make the evening as personal as possible, we received a list of names of all the children and their ages. There were Children in all ages from 2 years to 13 years old. Handmade Christmas decoration balls were ordered, one for each child with their name and age on it, for them to bring back home. We also went out to buy Christmas gifts to all the children, special picked for every single child. Candybags were made for everyone and we decorated a huge Christmas three.

The big Christmas dinner was donated by a company called “Sylvester and Bang”. Everything the families could wish for was on the menu.

The guests arrived at 18:00 pm. Everyone was given a warm welcome by 5 PVH employees.   The kids where playing around and we also made a small “Cinema” in one of our meeting rooms, for the children to watch cartoons when they found the waiting too long.

After the dinner we had a surprise for the children. The ulf 'Tutte' came by and showed the children all his magic tricks.While eating dessert, there was a sudden knock on the door. Santa Claus had heard about the Christmas party and he came by to give the lovely children their personal Christmas presents from under the Christmas tree.

The children were so happy and from all corners, you could hear them say, that it was just what they had wished for. It was one of the best nights of my life. To see the gratitude and notice how much it means to the parents. That we could give their children a good Christmas, it was all worth it.

Anne Bertram,
Sales Executive Hilfiger Denim