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''Amsterdammertje van het Jaar'' Award

In January 2016, Toby, age 13, was awarded 'Young Amsterdam Citizen of the Year 2015': An election for children aged 8 to 15 who do something good for the world, the community or others. They do so by committing their selves on behalf of a good cause, and thereby set an example for others.

When Toby heard about the Syrian refugees coming to Amsterdam, he wanted to do something. For several months, he volunteered with the Amsterdam Welcomes Refugees-group, to give them a warm welcome at the Central Station. He was by far the youngest, and he was very fanatic to stay there for long nights. That made him the winner of the election of 2015.
The volunteering has stopped since the influx went down, but Toby has a mission: he wants to educate others and tell the stories of the refugees that are seeking shelter. So stay tuned, because we'll definitely hear more about him in the future!

Thanks to E-commerce, the winner was rewarded with a beautiful prize: he received a giftcard to shop at Tommy.com as a token of appreciation for what he has done and will do in the future.