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Payroll Donation to WWF, Warchild and Save the Children

The first year of payroll donation has resulted in an extra donation of over 2k to each charity. 
WWF, Warchild and Save the Children have expressed their graditute in below messages.

In the first quarter of FY16 the salary donation has doubled, keep up the good work!


Payroll donation WWF

Your contribution helped the endangered finless porpoise in one of the wetland reserves on the Yangtze River.

Fishermen and employees of the He-wang-miao/Ji-cheng-yuan Reserve participated in a WWF workshop to improve the living conditions of the finless porpoise in the lake. During two days in May they cleared away abandoned fishing equipment (in which the porpoises can get caught and die), spoke out against illegal fishing and investigated illegal fishing equipment. They also picked up rubbish on the lake shores.

They also distributed flyers about angling and confiscated many illegal materials, such as electric fishing equipment and small hook fishing.

Many  thanks for your support!


Payroll donation Warchild

Thank you for choosing to support War Child through your payroll donation! Your personal contribution is of huge importance and helps us to continue our work with children affected by armed conflict.

With the support of TommyCares we provide children in the Democratic Republic of Congo with education and vital psychosocial support in ‘Safe Spaces’ where they learn how to deal with the traumas they have experienced and rebuild their emotional resilience.  

You can find out more about our work on warchild.nl or warchildholland.org - or you can contact Robert Monas

With your continued help we can take the war out of a child.


Payroll donation Save the Children

Thank you for your fantastic contribution to Save the Children!

With the support of TommyCares, Save the Children is implementing a project for children employed in the garment industry in Delhi, India. Four activity centers have been set up providing children the opportunity to receive an education and ensuring their gradual withdrawal of child labour in the garment industry. We further sensitize communities on child rights issues and strengthen relationships with and advocate towards key stakeholders such as the police, various Ministries, factory owners, contractors/middlemen, workers and parents.

With your donation we are able to provide more children with the opportunity to enrol in these centers.

Thank you!