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The Tommy Hilfiger Social Innovation Challenge - The Boot Camp 


196 business applications. 40 Tommy associates from all over the world. 480 cups of coffee. The mission? To reduce those 196 business applications with a strong social impact, down to a total of 7 semi-finalists to go through to the next round. 


Over three long days and using a meticulous grading tool platform, the Boot Camp team consisiting of Tommy Associates, members of INSEAD and Challenge88 worked collaboratively to whittle down the applications to a final seven. The main points of analyisis used via the YouNoodle platform was market analysis, financials, leadership & talent, strategy, and impact. The jurors reviewed business canvas', videos, finance sheets and much more information from each applicant before reaching a final seven that everyone voted on. 


The seven finalists have been invited to a dedicated “Sprint” event to further develop their start-ups or scale-ups at the Tommy Innovation Center in Amsterdam.


We will announce the list of seven finalists by the end of September – so stay tuned!