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For the duration of September 2018, we invited our 7 finalists from all corners of the world to Amsterdam to take part in a Design Sprint facilitated by OneUp. During this time each company along with their own team of designers, orchestrated a prototype within a pressure cooker environment (just 5 working days) from conception to completion. Each team then presented their prototype to us at the end of the week. Each team also had some time with pitch coach David Beckett to work on their final pitches that they will be presenting in January This process gave us a chance to meet our finalists, and help them to develop their business plans, and see how they could further integrate their business within the fashion supply chain. Each Design Sprint lasted a week, and we even managed to squeeze in a trip around the canals on the beautiful Tommy boat! 

The next and final stage will be the finale event in January 2019 where our 7 finalists will pitch their idea infront of a jury.


Stay tuned for more information....